5 Steps to a Perfect Day

Five Steps to a “Delightful” Wedding

Dream – This is the earliest stage of wedding planning where every option is open and you see good ideas everywhere. Be creative in this fun stage of wedding and reception planning. Tips: Write things down and bookmark your favorite websites.

Dig – Once you’ve got some good wedding and reception ideas, get the facts, and learn from others’ wedding planning experiences. Check prices, availability, extras, gotchas–everything.
Tips:Keep quotes and prices organized. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. If everything seem right but the price, say so! If you’re ready to decide they’ll work with you.

Decide – Make decisions before the last-minute. One of the biggest wedding planning is not deciding things soon enough.
Tips-If you’ve done you digging, then be confident of your wedding planning decisions. Don’t be tempted to change things every time a new idea comes along. There are many ways to have a “perfect” wedding.

Date – This means get it on the calendar and track it. Great wedding planning takes great organization, and great organization means getting you wedding checklist mapped out on the calendar.
Tips:When other are doing things for you, don’t assume anything. It’s better to check their progress (put it on the calendar) then say nothing and end up with a wedding planning crisis.

Do – Check your list and follow your plan. Don’t get sidetracked or procrastinate. It’s a thrill to get things done, bought, reserved and arranged early.

Good Wedding planning has many rewards all along the way, and will help make for a “Delightful” wedding.

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