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Vow Renewals

Many couples love to recreate the magic they had on their wedding day be participating in a vow renewel that is specially created just for them. The idea of promising your loved one, all over again, simply creates an environment of magic and hope for all.

My Vow Renewals are indeed magical and special for all who are in attendance. Whether it’s just the two of you or you two and your best friends in life…this is the opportunity to show your spouse how much you still deeply care and love them. And I will be honored to create for you two the ceremony of your dreams.

These vow renewals can include special traditions to commemorate the event such as the lighting of a candle or a rose ceremony or even the tying of the knot. It’s all up to you!

Funeral Officiant (Life Celebration) 

When the day comes to say goodbye to a loved one let Life Celebrant Marie Tyler Wiley create a celebration that beautifully reflects the life of your loved one.

It is my privilege to stand by your side during this most difficult of times. Let me show you the way to honor your loved one. By creating a ceremony full of love for your loved one you create healing. And that truly is an act of love.

Life Celebrant – $395
Non-Refundable $200 deposit included
*Tax included at check-out

Baptisms/Baby Blessings

Congratulations to you and yours on the welcoming of the newest member of your family. A baptism, also known as a Christening and or Baby blessing is a special way to introduce your baby into the world.

Not everyone has a church and everyone definitely wants to celebrate the newest arrival into the family. This is where I come in.

I would be delighted to work with you to create a Baptism that celebrates this important moment in your families lives!

Baptisms – $395

Non-Refundable Save the Date Retainer – $125
*Tax included at check-out

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