Marie, a long time resident of the Mystic area , originally hails from West Hartford, CT. Born #6 out of ten she was born with a competitive edge having to carve out her own spot as the middle child. Her family’s history in business is extensive with both sides of the family, that being her Mom & Dad’s side each had their own very successful family business’. One just closed after 136 years and the other one is just hitting the 100 year mark next year. Her siblings were raised with a high achieving work ethic that spans decades doing whatever needs to be done to make the deal.

Marie’s extensive knowledge of area’s most coveted luxury communities also plays a role driving her rapid career trajectory. What sets her apart is her unwavering work ethic, along with her tenacity, drive & ambition.

She lives with her husband Kip in south eastern CT and has 4 grown children. She, along with her family enjoys sailing, racing yachts, hiking and the fine arts.

If you have any questions, please, always feel free to ask away.

Have a sparkling day!!!
-Marie Tyler Wiley