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Connecticut Civil and Marriage Ceremony Facts

You do not have to be a resident of Connecticut to apply for the license. You must get your license strictly in the town where you will be married. So if you’re getting married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, you would go to the Stonington, CT. town hall clerks office. The couple has to appear together at the Town Clerk’s office. The License Fee is $30. It takes about around 20 minutes to obtain your license.

You will need to provide:

Date of ceremony and location
The name, address, and telephone number of the person performing the ceremony for you.
You must get your Marriage/Civil Union License from the Town in which you are getting married in or from the town in Connecticut where the bride or groom resides. (Proof of residency required)
Both parties must sign the Marriage/Civil Union License and take an oath in the presence of the Town Clerk or Assistant Town Clerk. A Marriage/Civil Union License is valid for 65 days. (You must have the ceremony within 65 days of applying for your license.)
Here’s a link to show you what the license looks like: (Click on the Marriage License Worksheet on page)

I require that you hand me the wedding license first thing, along with your final payment (CASH ONLY) at the beginning of your rehearsal night.


I will sign the license after the ceremony and return it to the town clerk where it was issued. My goal with respect to your ceremony is to be much more than that of just a “wedding officiant”.

I hope that all of my ceremonies will bring a spiritual quality that reflects the beliefs and values of the persons for whom I am celebrating this incredibly significant moment in their lives. A wedding/civil union is one of life’s most precious events that deserves the utmost respect and is to be cherished by all and with our whole hearts. I will always give of myself in spirit and of my heart and that’s why my ceremonies will always be meaningful and distinctive for everyone who witnesses them. It really is a true honor for me to be asked to be a part a couple’s most special day.

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