Wedding Planning

After You’ve Said Yes

The age old question: NOW WHAT???

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the guy/gal…you even have your wedding officiant. But…what happens now?

The planning pages on this site can help guide some of your questions about resources, organization, and other wedding preparations, but before you begin the hunt for everything you need on your perfect wedding day, remember to check out the legal requirements for marriage in this state.
I also want to remind you that YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR OWN LICENSE! And it can only be 65 days or before your ceremony takes place. Meaning…if you get the license and your ceremony isn’t for another 70 days…you’ll have to pay another $30 and take the time to get them to re-issue to you!!! So do yourself a favor and do the math!

Just a quick background on me:

I became a Justice of the Peace because of the clod of a JP who married my husband and me a thousand years ago. Seriously…if it took 30 seconds that would be pushing it. To the point: I have never remembered to this day…from that moment having said…“I do”…that’s how fast the JP was…We then walked around Manhattan for the next 45 minutes w/me questioning my husband…”Are you SURE WE’RE MARRIED????”

He was like…”yeah…I guess so…he said we were”. Duh!

At that moment, way back then… I decided…I would never, ever, let another bride go through that mini horror show. No way…no how. That’s why I am fanatical about weddings. My mission is to make sure your entire experience, not just my part…is as stress free as it can get and is full of fun, joy and laughter!!!

Trust me…I work over time trying to make sure you’re on an even keel…happy as a lark!!! You won’t be one of those brides who come around the corner to walk down the isle looking like you’re ready to pass out or get sick from the nerves. I’m happy to say…that my couples are pumped up and excited when it’s their turn to take center stage. And I’m proud of that!!!


Okay as for Us:

We set up an appointment to chat either by phone or in person. I usually meet first by phone and then afterwards, if you’d like, we can meet in person. This initial meeting is simply a getting to know you affair so that we are comfortable with each other. Mostly it usually lasts somewhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. At that point, I go over the process that we will share over the next few months and answer any questions you may have.

If you decide we make a great match a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit to “Save the Date” is required. That way…no one else can snatch up your special day on you. You see, there are only so many weekends in a year and every bride on the planet wants their wedding…when they want it! And who can blame them? There are just not too many weddings happening on Tuesdays, etc! With that said, weekends are at a premium and they go fast especially during the summer season because it is so short!

After the deposit I then email you a questionnaire, for the two of you to fill out. It’s aimed at just getting to better understand what you’re looking for in a wedding ceremony…who will be participating, etc. It’s a fun form to fill out.
No pressure here.

From there, based on your answers to the questionnaire and from our chats, I start writing…and writing. I will pull together a series of ceremonies that I believe reflect what you are trying to create. I will send them to you and ask for your opinions. You will revise and send back to me making notes and from then on out…it’s a series of give and take until we get it right!

Even though we have the ceremony all worked out beforehand and you’re ready for the BIG DAY, wee will continue to keep in contact so that your comfort level is where it should be!!!

If you want I will be more than happy to run the rehearsal although most brides, if they have a wedding coordinator, rely on them! And that’s okay. And even sometimes…based on the size of your wedding…a formal rehearsal may not even be necessary. Hey…if it’s only the two of you…or the two of you and your maid of honor and best man…a “rehearsal” may simply be a run though But if you need me, I’ll be there! Rehearsals give you the opportunity, in a non rushed environment, to get the kinks out so that on your big day…everyone and everything run like clockwork!!!

In order to preserve the integrity of your day I request that the remainder of the payment for the ceremony and traveling expenses are to be paid and verified 48 hours in advance, or before if you’d like. Pay-pal, bank money orders and/or cash please. Thank you.

On the wedding day…

I show up at least one hour before the ceremony to meet with the photographer, the musicians, the caterers and the coordinators. I basically just like to know that everyone is in their appointed places and everything is running smoothly.

I firmly believe and spend a great deal of time reiterating, throughout the process, that the couple should always keep their eye on the prize…each other! Maybe something doesn’t go exactly as planned…the flower girl trips or some unforeseen ailment…I try to infuse them with the mindset that the most important part of the day …is them…and the two of them becoming one…getting married. That’s what it’s all about!!!

I believe that the bride’s main mission on her wedding day should be simply getting dressed! That’s it! Nothing else should keep her from enjoying the most important day of her life!

After the ceremony, if they’d like me to be a part of the reception celebration, I am more than happy to partake if my schedule allows. Who doesn’t love a celebration???!!!

Otherwise, I am available for the after ceremony photographs and then I’ll be on my way.

When you contact me please give me the date/place/time of the ceremony so I can let you know if it is available. Thanks!

For me, being available to you is the most important factor. With that in mind…I am always available by phone (860-941-9519) thought I prefer email as once it’s on paper and signed, sealed and delivered…there’s no issue’s about interpretations over conversations. Don’t misunderstand me…I love talking…so if you just want to run things by me…fine…but when you are getting into the minutia…it’s better put down on paper (email). Besides… I live on line!

Remember my motto:

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! And that’s the way it can and should be!!!

That insures that you will arrive on your wedding day…full of joy and anticipating the happiest moment of your life!

Let me know anytime you have any questions or if something goes wrong…I can usually pull a rabbit out of my pocket!!!

Thank you for choosing me. It really is an honor.

Best Regards,
Marie Tyler Wiley

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